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As business owners, we often wear many hats! Well, I have a closet full of the most diverse, attention grabbing, and colorful hats and headwraps! I am a Professional Wedding Officiant, Pre-Marital Coach, wedding industry Educator, Spiritual Advisor, and business owner (not to mention, a wife, homeschooling mama, etc). All of the things I do are connected in love; love for self, love for others, love for family and friends, and love for our collective Divine Connection. That is the reason and root of it all for me. It is my goal that all of my work allows my communities to experience love, support, and genuine acceptance of their true selves. 

Love is why I started.

As a business professional, I work with clients that want to share their authentic stories and have them celebrated with reverence and genuine excitement. I believe that our stories hold the key to our excellence and our ability to create meaningful connections in each moment.

Before leaving the Property Management industry in 2012 for entrepreneurship, I'd been a front desk attendant, lead coordinator, leasing specialist, assistant manager, and property manager. Through each transition, I understood that a deep connection to the communities I served was necessary for success.

After the historical ruling on same-sex marriage, by the Supreme Court in 2015, and emblazoned by my own wedding experience - I decided to shake up the wedding industry standards! By August of that year, I was an Ordained Minister and began Waning Moon Weddings. With a dedication to honoring the magic of our full human experiences, I quickly became THE wedding officiant of choice for couples that want radical support, professional standards, a whole lot of magic, and a genuine connection at the wedding altar.

When I'm not writing for weddings or serving spiritually, I help event professionals align their brand story with their business practices and content messaging – ensuring that their clients and communities know exactly who they are, what their brand stands for, and how they can help.

My years in the Property Management industry and as an entrepreneur required me to do a lot writing and connecting with diverse communities - all while ensuring that my goal and purpose were being understood. When I became fully self-employed, I realized that I the skill set, proven strategies, and deep insight needed to show my fellow event professionals exactly how to identify and write their own unique brand stories and professional bios. 


Being able to clearly define and identify their brand story, voice, and standards means that event professionals are able to lean into their businesses, confidently, and book the clients they LOVE while showing up authentically! 


Activating and connecting with the human element of your experiences, with storytelling, means that you are creating a foundation that will allow you to be all that you've imagined!

It's time for you to connect with the people that are truly meant for YOU. If you're ready for the journey... 


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Waning Moon Weddings by LaToya

Waning Moon Weddings by LaToya provides premiere and personalized wedding officiant and pre-marital coaching services for diverse couples that want their story honored with joy, reverence, and genuine support. Minister LaToya performs heartfelt ceremonies that are a glowing light through the journey to marriage. 


Under the Waning Moon

Under the Waning Moon is where LaToya exclusively teaches on spiritual practices, ancestral veneration, journeying through the occult, and personal spiritual development. This is also where she performs divination services and provides spiritual supplies.

New Orleans Marriage Office is a private office that offers simple and intentional ceremony options for couples looking to get married in the City of New Orleans. With services like simple license signings and private office elopements, we serve couples from all walks of life. 


New Orleans Marriage Office

Perfect Rituals provides intentional and spiritual ceremony supplies for your most meaningful life events. Complete with keep sake packaging and instructions - you will have all the tools you need to fill your ceremony with loving divine energy.  

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Perfect Rituals

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